Luxury Cabins at Clear Lake on Geiler Corner


Great decision – you’re coming to Clear Lake!!! Pat yourself on the back and keep reading. We have lots to tell you to help you organize your vacation and avoid any annoying surprises. Some information will be found on the page for the specific cabin you’ll be staying in – have a look at that as well. We’d like to think we’ve covered everything you need to know; but, if we missed something, just send us as e-mail and we’re answer all your questions.

Can I bring the dogs?  

Sorry – we can’t add pets to our guest list.

Is there daily maid service?

Your cabin will be thoroughly cleaned before you arrive and after you leave. No one comes in daily. We’ll make sure you have some basic tools to avoid chaos during your stay – a broom, dishwashing, laundry, basic cleaning supplies.

Can several dozen of our closest friends stay with us?

We really wish they could, but the maximum capacity is 6. We can help you find other accommodations for them, either at Geiler Corner or close by.

My friends and kinfolk are staying at other places.  Can they come over and use the pool with us?

Only people who are registered guests at Geiler Corner can enter the pool enclosure.

Do I need to have a park pass?

Yes.  Every vehicle in the park must display a park pass.

How is the cell reception?

Most carriers provide pretty good reception in and around Clear Lake.

Who can I contact if I need information or assistance during my stay?

Your information binder will have contact information for just about anything you might need … from grocery stores to handyman assistance. We will provide the cell number of someone nearby at all times to help you in case of an emergency or just to get some information.

What should I do when I’m leaving?

We’ll provide you with a checklist of things to do at the end of your stay. Guests clean up after themselves, but please don’t bother washing the walls and windows.

For additional information on Cottage Guidelines and Booking Policies, please click the links below.

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